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Signal Cove Event Center Non-Member Reservation Form

Security Deposit: $200 - Due Upon Submission

Rental Agreement Includes The Following Guidelines & Stipulations
  • Security deposit will be deposited and held in our SCOI account and returned within 3 business days upon post-event inspection and approval. Any damages to the premises will be deducted from the deposit.

  • Prior day access for full-day events must be approved in advance by SCOI and incurs a $150.00 additional early-access fee.  

  • Renter/Lessee is responsible for wipe-down of used tables and chairs with disinfectant cleaner. Return chairs and tables to storage area, being sure to NOT block the exit door. If kitchen is used, the stove must be cleaned. All garbage inside and out must be bagged and placed in outside dumpster.  Failure to abide by these terms may result in your entire deposit being withheld after your event.

  • DO NOT blow out the pilot light on the stove, it is supposed to stay on. If pilot light is blown out, this releases gas into the event center and is dangerous. If pilot light is out after your rental, you will lose your entire deposit.

  • No staples/nails/thumbtacks/tape may be used that may create damage or holes in the walls. Do not remove pictures from the walls or remove the ship's wheel from the fireplace mantle. Renter/Lessee is responsible for any and all damage and repairs. Scotchbrand or 3M brand wall-safe tape is permissible. 

  • Renter/Lessee further agrees to not make any unlawful, improper or offensive use of the clubhouse property including the adjacent parking lots.  

  • Any excessive noise or annoyance to the neighborhood and Signal Cove residents will not be tolerated. Violations may result in removal of the offending parties from the location and could impact future ability of the Renter/Lessee to reserve the property or retain membership in good standing with Signal Cove.

  • Food and/or drinks spilled during your event should be cleaned immediately to prevent slip/fall injuries. Mop and paper towels will be provided and are located in the small kitchen. If the clubhouse dishes, silverware or coffee pots are used, they must be washed and placed in the kitchen to dry or put away. 

  • Should a problem occur with any of the clubhouse equipment, lights, air conditioners, or plumbing, contact the rental agent  immediately. Phone numbers are posted on the bulletin board besides the telephone in the small kitchen. 

  • *All events must conclude by 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends.  Due to noise ordinance weekend music must conclude by 10pm. Non-compliance to any of the above terms will result in a forfeiture of the security deposit.  The Signal Cove representative managing this rental reserves the right to make any assessment and decision regarding the terms and compliance. In the event of an emergency during your rental agreement period, please call 911.

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