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Event Requirements

Renters of the Signal Cove Event Center should follow these hall rental guidelines in order to receive your event deposit back in full. 

Hall Rental Guidelines

  1. Approved wall hangings to affix signs and decoration to the event center walls and doors will be provided.  NO THUMB TACKS, PUSH PINS OR TAPE.

  2. Use of the pool table is not included in your rental agreement. If the protective cover is utilized, the pool table may be used as a display table for gifts or packages. It cannot be used as a serving table for food or drinks. 

  3. All tables and chairs used should be wiped down and returned to their exact position and location prior to your event setup. DO NOT BLOCK the south exit door. 

  4. Do not remove pictures from the walls or remove the ships wheel from the fireplace mantle

  5. Food and drinks spilled during your party should be cleaned up immediately to prevent injury to your guests. Mop and paper towels will be provided and located in the kitchen. Any party favors, trash, glitter must be cleaned and removed from the venue prior to your departure.

  6. If the kitchen is used, all cooking surfaces, ovens, etc. should be cleaned of spills and messes

  7. If event center dishes, silverware, utensils, coffee pots, etc. are used, they must be washed

  8. All garbage bags including bathroom garbage should be put in the outside dumpster. The key is in the small kitchen. 

  9. Should a problem occur with any of the event center equipment, lights, air conditioners, or plumbing, contact the rental agent immediately. Phone numbers are posted on the door and the bulletin board. 

    Failure to comply with any or a combination of the above could result in partial or full forfeiture of your deposit. 


Email us with any questions or contact your rental agent by phone or text. 

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