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Signal Cove Owners, Inc. (SCOI)

2024 Membership & Boat Ramp Application

2024 Signal Cove Membership Benefits

  • Emailed & Printed Monthly Newsletter

  • 100% Membership Credit Towards Event Hall Rental For Parties or Events

  • 50% off one-time hall rental for family members Sunday-Thursday

  • Monthly meetings every first Monday from Jan to May and Oct to Nov at the Signal Cove Event Center.

  • Maintenance and upkeep for the boat ramp, floating docks, parking lot, walkway, lawn, mowing, and building equipment on SignalCove Dr., Tiller Dr., and frontage on Tower Dr. 

  • Annual Activities: Potlucks, Parties, Yoga, Paint & Wine, Dances, Women's Club, and more!

  • Discounted or as applicable free tickets for member and community events

Code of Conduct Policy

  • Members shall treat fellow members, guests, and property management staff with courtesy and respect at all times. Any violation of this rule, including but not limited to physical or verbal abuse, disruptive behavior during SCOI events and meetings and any actions hostile to SCOI will lead to suspension or termination of membership.

Boat Ramp Policies

Signal Cove is a boating community that supports safety and family fun on the water. Our first priority is the consideration of all our boaters, homeowners and their safety. We ask your cooperation in complying with the guidelines when using our boat ramp & waterways. By submitting your membership and Boat Ramp dues you are agreeing to the following policies and understand that failure to follow these policies can result in the deactivation of your FOB and possible cancellation of your membership.

  1. Key FOB Control
    A. Anyone found lending their FOB out to others for any reason without prior board approval will have their key de-activated and violations will

    result in suspension of boat ramp privileges.
    B. Replacement FOB's will be $50 payable to Signal Cove Owners, Inc.
    C. Key FOB contact for lost FOB's and/or operational issues with your key FOB contact Aggie Purinton 207-751-7725


  2. Unlocking Chain/Cable Procedures

    1. Unlock the chain/cable using your FOB by presenting the key to the window on the face of the lock box.

    2. When this is complete, you will hear a 'click' sound and a green light will blink.

    3. Turn the knob clockwise to allow the chain/cable to release

    4. After launching your boat/watercraft, follow the locking chain procedure below immediately

  3. Locking Chain/Cable Procedures

    1. Present key to window on the face of the lock box

    2. Insert chain/cable with tab end into the bottom of the box and turn the knob counter clockwise (a hook is adjacent to the box to assist in


  4. Boat Ramp Use:

    1. A. B. C. D.

    2. Lock the chain/cable immediately after every use

    3. Boat trailers & cars are to only park in the lot directly across from the boat ramp. Do not park in the event center/clubhouse parking lot.

    4. Park trailers on the grass & vehicles on the asphalt

    5. Temporary parking is allowed. If you park longer than 24 hours, your car & trailer may be towed at your expense. If you must park longer than 24 hours for emergency reasons, please notify Signal Cove, Inc. at 727-869-1891 or 207-751-7725

*Certificates of Insurance is required that names Signal Cove Owners, Inc. as being Insured

Membership Application

Read and fill out each section below; all checkboxes are required for application acceptance.

Community Rules



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